classical painting of a man playing a lute for a music teacher

Music History

Music is a core element of our human experience and has been around since the first notes were struck by our long-forgotten ancestors. Now we study music history, ethnomusicology and music literature from varying perspectives to come to a better understanding of our musical past.

Graduate Degrees

At the School of Music, the Master of Music in Music History seeks to not only educate the music historians of the future but also build informed and successful musicians with exceptional critical listening and communication skills. A bachelor's degree in music (or the equivalent), including keyboard skills, is a prerequisite for this program.


M  Master in Music (Music History Concentration)

Graduate Director: Clifford Leaman, 803-576-5893,
Program Contact: Traci Hair, 803-777-4106

Application information for this degree is available through The Graduate School. 

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